The second Scottish Veterans Commissioner, Col (Rtd.) Charlie Wallace stepped down from the role on 31 March 2022 when his tenure ended. The Scottish Government is currently recruiting the next Commissioner who Ministers hope to appoint in the near future.  In the meantime, the SVC office will continue work and can offer business continuity pending the new Commissioner taking up post. The team can be contacted as necessary at:

Signing-off from the role, Charlie Wallace has offered the following message to veterans, veterans’ organisations and all those he has worked with as Scotland’s Veterans Commissioner:

“It has been an honour to serve as Scotland’s second Veterans Commissioner.  The work I have done in my time as Commissioner could not have happened without the trust, support and energy of the veterans’ community.  I would like to thank each of you who I have come into contact with directly or who have shared your experiences, insight or ideas with the SVC team, veterans’ bodies or statutory or voluntary organisations for your time and contribution.”

“It has been heartening, over the past three years or so, to learn of the many positive examples of how veterans and their families are currently supported in Scotland.  In order to make things better, it is first necessary to know and understand what’s wrong, where we aren’t yet getting it right.  You have brought both to my attention and contributed a great deal to my deliberations and informed my recommendations to government. In doing so I think together we have made a difference to improve outcomes for veterans and their families across Scotland.”

“Challenges remain of course but with so many organisations and individuals championing their interests and the continued commitment of the Scottish Government, I believe that Scotland can be the attractive destination for Service leavers and veterans that Ministers have made their ambition.  I will continue to take a keen interest in future developments and wish my successor every success in taking forward this important work.”

Positive Futures – Getting Transition Right in Scotland

The Commissioner’s Positive Futures work is about ensuring that we have in place the right support towards a positive destination rather than just any destination so that all veterans can reach their full potential on civvy street. The benefits of ‘a good transition’ reach far beyond individuals themselves. Our communities, employers and society in general all benefit when veterans transition well. The challenge for government and society is to set the right conditions for a seamless transition, where individual needs and aspirations can be supported flexibly and consistently. To get this right, transition services and support processes need to be integrated, flexible and built around the individual. Scotland has the capability of delivering this approach, which aligns with the Scottish Government’s ambitions for its wellbeing economy. Each report contains recommendations for government aimed at securing more positives outcomes for our veterans and their families who choose to settle in Scotland.

The latest report looks at Health and Wellbeing and can be found here and real life stories of veterans’ transition journeys here.