SVC Annual Progress Report: Approach

Providing scrutiny and supportive challenge to policy makers and those providing services to veterans is an important aspect of the Scottish Veterans Commissioner’s Role.  The Scottish Government has accepted all recommendations made in SVC reports and has continued to drive improvements aimed at making things better for veterans and their families living in Scotland.  

Progress towards delivery is monitored by the Commissioner.  Her assessment of progress is based on factual updates provided by Scottish Government officials, along with other evidence available and the Commissioner’s own knowledge and observations. 

A standard traffic lights RAG (Red, Amber, Amber/Green, Green) scale is used to rate and show progress.  The aim is to provide an independent and impactful visual of overall progress so we can see ‘how we are doing’.  The picture it presents supports scrutiny and debate around delivery of SVC recommendations and helps focus attention on areas where more effort is required.

Not implemented
Partially implemented
Implemented but work should continue to embed
Fully implemented

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