Positive Futures – Making a Home in Civilian Society – Recommendation 4

No one who has served their country should have to face homelessness or be faced with sleeping rough. The homelessness prevention pathways approach for the high risk groups is a tested way if addressing the issue, and a specific veterans’ Homelessness Prevention Pathway is needed to ensure every Service leaver and veteran has a safe place to call home.
Scottish Government Committed Actions
Scottish Government Progress Update
SVC 2022
1We will work with partners and stakeholders to develop a veterans homelessness prevention pathway by early 2022.The Veterans Homelessness Prevention Pathway was published on 25 January 2022. We are committed to implementing the 24 recommendations in this pathway and a formal implementation group will be created in due course.
2We will work with partners and stakeholders to determine the most appropriate way to deliver any recommendations within the pathway.We have agreed with Veterans Scotland Housing Group to progress the actions that can be done without a formal implementation group.

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