Positive Futures – Making a Home in Civilian Society – Recommendation 1

Service leavers and veterans should be enabled to find somewhere to live that is right for them and equipped to make informed choices. Preparation and planning to make a home in civilian society is a crucial aspect of transition and as such needs to be part of the flexible and accessible transition model I have recommended.
Scottish Government Committed Actions
Scottish Government Progress Update
SVC 2022
1SG will continue to work closely with UKG (MOD/OVA) to understand the actions they plan on taking in order to better prepare Service leavers for entering the civilian housing market and determine opportunities for SG to support these efforts.We continue to work closely with the UK Government and supported and informed the development of their 2022-2024 Veterans Strategy Action Plan, which includes commitments on veterans housing. We engage regularly with UKG on their progress through forums such as the Devolved Administrations Working Group. As Transition is reserved, it is the responsibility of the UK Government to prepare Service leavers to leave the Military.
2We will support the MOD/OVA to better inform Service leavers by continuing to promote our Welcome to Scotland publication.An updated version of Welcome to Scotland was published in April 2022 following extensive consultation with Military, third sector and public sector organisations to ensure that the guide is both up to date and contains the most important information for personnel and their families ahead of relocation to Scotland.

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