Positive Futures – Health and Wellbeing – Recommendation 3

Service leavers should experience high quality, person-centred healthcare as part of a smooth transition back to civilian life. To support ease of access they should be identified as they transition and first engage with the NHS in Scotland.
Scottish Government Committed Actions
Scottish Government Progress Update
SVC 2022
1Inspired by the RCGP ‘veteran aware’ GP accreditation scheme, convene a group to develop a similar scheme for General Practices to raise awareness of issues impacting the health of Veterans and Armed Forces Families living in Scotland.We have convened a sub group to develop a scheme for General Practices that aims to increase awareness of issues impacting the health of veterans and Armed Forces Families.
2We will work with partners to develop training material to be made available to practices who have agreed to be part of an initial pilot scheme. This material will reflect the multi-disciplinary teams that exist within these practices with specific content aimed at administrative staff, clinical staff and practice managers and provide signposting to support organisations.
3We will assess feedback from this pilot and where relevant adapt the training content and any associated processes or data gathering to ensure optimal results prior to wider scheme roll out.
4We will engage with colleagues in England and Wales to share our learning and support further scheme improvements.

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