Positive Futures – Health and Wellbeing – Recommendation 1

Those transitioning from the military and planning to settle in Scotland should be informed and well prepared to look after their own health and wellbeing, make informed choices and live in good health in the civilian community.
Scottish Government Committed Actions
Scottish Government Progress Update
SVC 2022
1Engage with partners from UK Government and Defence Medical Services (DMS) to ensure that service leavers and their families have access to relevant information in relation to the health care system in Scotland.We have started the dialogue with DMS and this engagement is largely to understand what happens at their end and what and where we can make improvements.
2Identify areas where there can be greater collaboration with stakeholders across UKG and DMS to address issues associated with transition.
3Working with colleagues in DMS, consider ways, such as engagement sessions/ presentations on healthcare in Scotland, which can support service leavers to ensure they are fully informed before leaving.

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