Positive Futures – Employment, Skills and Learning – Recommendation 8

Connections to the business community should be broadened and enhanced to ensure reach out to small and medium-sized enterprises as potential employers or as mentors to veterans looking to start their own business.
Scottish Government Committed Actions
Scottish Government Progress Update
SVC 2022
1The VESG will consider refreshing membership of the group to broaden attendance.Membership of the VESG has been refreshed with new employer members recruited to offer perspective from large and small, public and private organisations including SG NHS workforce officials. A further review of purpose and format of the group is underway to ensure the group continues to have a clear purpose and appropriate membership. The VESG action plan includes the work of an employer engagement group chaired by Officers Association Scotland. In the last year, the group has developed a range of tools to help address negative employer perceptions of veterans including a series of infographics for employers and videos being made with both non-military and clients of support services to be presented at a series of regional roadshows

Chambers of Commerce and SME employers are now part of the VESG. They have contributed positively to the Group.
2SG have reached out to Chambers of Commerce, NHS Scotland and key SME employers asking for volunteers to join and influence the direction of the VESG with the aim of improving visibility of Veterans and the positive contributions which they can make.
3SG will engage with organisations such as X-Forces Enterprise and Joint Forces Alba to build relationships with veterans who own their own business or are considering a self-employed careerSG has engaged with organisations including Joint Force Alba and FDM Group (British Ex-Forces in Business Awards 2021 Employer of the Year), who help support and provide employment opportunities for veterans. We will continue to work this these organisations as needed. SG has presented at an X-Forces Enterprise networking sessions for veterans who own their own business. Furthermore, the Cabinet Secretary will meet FDM Group soon to hear more about the opportunities they provide for veterans and their families.

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