Positive Futures – Employment, Skills and Learning – Recommendation 7

Work on the alignment of existing military and civilian skills and qualifications in Scotland should be completed and all new qualifications placed on both the RQF and SCQF frameworks as appropriate, to give veterans the best chance to compete for jobs when settling in Scotland.
Scottish Government Committed Actions
Scottish Government Progress Update
SVC 2022
1A clear resolution to this would be the inclusion of the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework alongside the work to align military skills and qualifications to the Regulated Qualifications Framework. We will continue to ask the UK Government for this change.SCQF have confirmed that they are in close and regular contact with the MOD on the work they are doing and have great support and cooperation from them. MOD and SCQF also both sit on the VESG where the SCQF tool has been discussed this year, not least during its launch in Feb 22.

SCQF have also had a meeting with TESSR (MOD) and the Defence Awarding Organisation (DAO) to discuss the possibility of bringing more provision onto the SCQF and they explained their the long term plan which is to bring everything under the DAO umbrella and stop using multiple awarding bodies. They also want to ensure that more unrecognised qualifications are formally recognised. There is currently also a large piece of work taking place to review qualifications on the RQF.
2A grant of £35,000 for SCQF was approved in February 2021 to enable skills profiling and qualification mapping to commence and for improved visibility of skills/qualifications and options available to service leavers and veterans. This work is ongoing. The qualifications and skills mapping tool went live in February 2022 and a project report was provided along with recommendations. The tool was tested with Service leavers and it was agreed that the number of job roles should be expanded. This work is currently taking place and an additional 19 jobs are ready for inclusion which are primarily Army roles and the next stage is to identify more Navy and Air Force roles. SDS is further developing the Skills Discovery tool to suggest suitable job roles for users and, eventually, actual job vacancies. SCQFP intends to organise a formal launch and wider promotion of the tool once this work is complete. SCQFP is also working with the MOD to ensure information relating to qualifications contained within the tool remains current. MOD is looking at developing a database to support this. The Scottish Government will provide a further £13,500 of funding this year to support the ongoing development of the skills tool.
3The VESG will refresh planning on how to build understanding and recognition amongst Scottish employers (especially SMEs) of the skills and qualifications gained in the military.The Scottish Government's 2021-22 Programme for Government has committed to securing improved opportunities for veterans, ensuring that those who have risked their lives in the service of the nation can access good jobs once their time in the military is over. We will launch a public awareness campaign targeting employers and the business community to help increase employment opportunities for veterans. Furthermore, the VESG's Employer Engagement Group, chaired by Officers Association Scotland (OAS), has developed a range of tools to help address negative employer perceptions of veterans which has included a series of infographics and videos to be presented at a series of regional roadshows.

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