Positive Futures – Employment, Skills and Learning – Recommendation 4

Advice and support is clearly sign-posted and promoted proactively, offered in a timely and accessible way and backed by advice and guidance which is informed by the latest local labour market information and circumstances.
Scottish Government Committed Actions
Scottish Government Progress Update
SVC 2022
1SG will work with veterans and early service leavers and their representative organisations to help us identify the areas for improvement across both Scottish Government and partner services and will act quickly on the findings.SG has a strong collaborative relationship with the veterans sector including public, private and third sector organisations. We provide funding to representative organisations primarily through the Scottish Veterans Fund and the Veterans Scotland Capacity Building Grant which supports directly veterans and their families. The 2022-23 Scottish Veterans Fund was increased to £500k per annum and the priorities this year were projects offering support to Early Service Leavers and projects encouraging collaborative working in the veterans community. Six of the projects funded this year fell into one of these categories.
2For disabled veterans who may struggle to identify as such, SG will consider what further action we can take to re-signposting of services to ensure veterans identifying as disabled are aware of wider support such as the UK Government’s Access to Work funding, as well as their employment rights.The Scottish Government have established the Local Delivery Service which can provide free guidance and information. The Local Delivery Service supports people in the process of applying for Social Security Scotland benefits. This can be in a meeting at home, or at a local venue, in a hospital or prison, via video call or via a telephone appointment. The Scottish Government also funds the Independent Advocacy Service which supports disabled people to get help applying for any Scottish social security benefits. This service will help disabled people be aware of their rights, express themselves and feel understood when applying for Scottish social security benefits. These are new services that are unique to Scotland and provide support and advice to ensure that disabled people can access the financial support they are entitled to. We hold regular discussions with Veterans UK and the Ministry of Defence, who administer veteran specific benefits, to ensure there is consistency in the messaging provided to veterans. Furthermore, as part of our stakeholder communications plan, we ensure that third party organisations, including those that support veterans, understand the overlaps and are in a position to adequately advise and assist veterans during their interactions with Social Security Scotland or the UK Government agencies administering reserved benefits.
3SG will ensure that Scotland’s Apprenticeship suite of offerings will continue to be promoted to Early Service Leavers, veterans and their families.Apprenticeships.scot continues to be promoted within the Armed Forces community and with the Champions networks. Foundation apprenticeships continue to be promoted and supported in schools.
4SG will review its contribution to the Forces Families Jobs website, exploring ways to further promote SG jobs to Service families.SG jobs continue to be posted on the Forces Families Jobs website. In addition, the Scottish Government had a stand at the CTP careers fair in May where we had the opportunity to engage Service and veteran families to discuss employment opportunities in the Scottish Government. Forces Families Jobs is also promoted in our Welcome to Scotland publication.
5SG will look to expand the Going Forward Into Employment Scheme which aims to offer veterans employment within SG after a streamlined recruitment process.The Scottish Government continues to offer work placements and Fixed Term Appointments (FTA) to veterans and the partners/spouses and veterans and Serving personnel through the Going Forward Into Employment (GFIE) programme. In addition, this year the Scottish Government has also added a field on veteran status as part of the employee data voluntarily provided by Scottish Government staff. This is helping us to monitor the progress of activities aimed at increasing the number of veterans employed by the Scottish Government. Since 2021 at least 34 veterans have joined the Scottish Government (veteran status is self-declared so there may be more). Three veterans have been employed in SG on Fixed Term Appointments (FTA) through the Going Forward into Employment programme which offers 23 month FTA with the option to convert to permanent after 12 months. This programme is ongoing with plans to identify more vacancies and match these to suitable veterans, their partners or partners of currently serving personnel.
6The employability and skills landscape will vary across 32 LAs. We will work across Local Government, including with Armed Forces and Veterans Champions and the relevant employability and skills teams, to identify opportunities to ensure that advice and support is clearly sign-posted and promoted proactively and to ensure that the latest local labour market information and circumstances are understood and capitalised upon.Through analysis of local labour demands, Local Employability Partnerships (LEPs) will make decisions based on forecasts on local need. This analysis also takes account of user needs to ensure that the principles of No One Left Behind are at the front and centre of the employability decisions made within each LA. Through engagement with LEPs and LA Champions the local demands and needs can be matched to skills/experience of Service leavers.

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