Positive Futures – Employment, Skills and Learning – Recommendation 3

Serving personnel and veterans need to take responsibility for their transition. They need to ‘own it’, fully engage in it and embrace the support on offer throughout their military career and beyond.
Scottish Government Committed Actions
Scottish Government Progress Update
SVC 2022
1SG will engage with serving personnel, through existing MOD contacts.The Scottish Government had a stand at the CTP Careers Fair in May where we had the opportunity to engage with Serving personnel to promote careers in the Scottish Government, where and how to apply, and highlight the work the Scottish Government is doing to support veterans. This included providing copies of Scottish Government publications. We continue to also have strong working relationships with the three Services in Scotland, Defence Transition Services and the MOD's Covenant team.The Scottish Government’s actions are not being assessed against this recommendation as it is primarily for the UK Government to deliver. The Scottish Government can and do contribute, however transition remains fully reserved to the UK Government and it is only they who can deliver a fresh transition model.
2SG will refresh the Service family-focused Welcome to Scotland pack, ensuring that it is available online and links with the wider talent attraction Welcome to Scotland work.An updated version of Welcome to Scotland was published in April 2022 following extensive consultation with Military, third sector and public sector organisations to ensure that the guide is both up to date and contains the most important information for personnel and their families ahead of relocation to Scotland.
3SG Skills, Talent Attraction & Retention Team will work to address Scotland’s skills gaps and labour market shortages through a programme of activity designed to attract and retain people in Scotland with the skills to meet the gaps in sectors and locations across Scotland.A programme of activity is in progress to attract and retain people in Scotland. This includes a Ministerial Industry Advisory Group on rUK talent attraction that has been established to share expertise on talent attraction; work with HEIs and FE to help retain students in Scotland post-qualifying; and working with the Skills Recognition Scotland project to support the embedding of skills recognition into the wider skills landscape.

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