Positive Futures – Employment, Skills and Learning – Recommendation 10

Greater collaboration is needed across veterans’ charities and associated charities operating in Scotland and with central and local government to avoid duplication of effort and focus resources on areas of greatest need at this unprecedented time.
Scottish Government Committed Actions
Scottish Government Progress Update
SVC 2022
1Work will be undertaken to map the service charities operating in Scotland, to identify what they provide so that areas of duplication can be identified and avoided and opportunities for better collaboration identified and progressed.Poppyscotland has led on the development of an aide-memoire which is nearing completion on the main organisations in the public and voluntary sectors offering employment support to veterans. In addition, Veterans Scotland publish a guide for veterans of support across a wide range of topics including employment (http://www.veteransscotland.co.uk/resources.html). VESG third sector members do feel there is already close collaboration across the sector.

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