Health and Wellbeing Progress – Recommendation 9

Funding for multiple injuries

The Scottish Government and NHS(S) should give consideration to whether the costs of specialist care for veterans who have suffered polytrauma should be funded through the National Services Division (NSD).

Commissioner’s Comment  – SVC will re-assess this recommendation in early 2023 along with Recommendation 10 – The National Trauma Network and consider merging them to recognise the current situation in Scotland and the development of a Scottish Veterans Treatment Pathway.

2019 SVC evaluation of status:

Not implemented

2019 update provided by the Scottish Government:

The National Trauma Network referred to under Recommendation 8 will help Scotland’s most severely injured patients, ensuring they have the best chance of a speedy recovery from their injuries.  The issue of the cost of specialist care could be considered by the Armed Forces Personnel & Veterans Health Joint Group’s Strategic Oversight Group.

2020 SVC evaluation of status:

Partially implemented

2020 update provided by the Scottish Government:

We would expect this to be explored within the remit of the Scottish Veterans Care Network. The commissioning of the Scottish Trauma Network (STN), and all the additional funding that has gone to boards to fund services for seriously injured people will help towards this recommendation. This funding is outwith NHS National Services Division (NSD) within which the STN and SVCN are housed. Although NSD and the STN have been the mediators for getting funding approved. See our response around the collaborative working between the STN and SVCN, around veterans.

2021 SVC evaluation of status:

Partially implemented

2021 update provided by the Scottish Government:

Exploring the set-up of a Scottish veterans trauma network has been set as a priority for the Joint group in 2021-22. This will involve learning from NHS England’s Veterans Trauma Network, and collaborating with the Scottish Veterans Care Network and the Scottish Trauma Network on what exists within the current Scottish landscape, what additional support is required, and the best approach.

2022 SVC evaluation of status:

Partially implemented

2022 update provided by the Scottish Government:

We have established a working group to further progress our vision of developing a Scottish Veterans’ Treatment Pathway.  The principles behind this pathway are inspired by the experience of the Veterans’ Trauma Network that is in place in NHS England and NHS Wales.  It is intended that the pathway will integrate physical, mental and wellbeing support and provide a route for treatment for veterans where their needs exceed what is provided by conventional services. This is not developing a preferential treatment pathway but intends to link veterans with individuals who understand the injury and the context behind it.

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