Health and Wellbeing Progress – Recommendation 5

Mental Health Action Plan

The Scottish Government and NHS(S), through the network on veterans health (see recommendation 4), should produce a Mental Health Action Plan for the long-term delivery of services and support. Systemic issues of funding, collaboration, leadership, planning, governance and training of staff will be key.

2019 SVC evaluation of status:

Partially implemented

2019 update provided by the Scottish Government:

Scotland’s 10-year mental health strategy, launched in 2017, reinforces our commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant and includes a range of actions to improve care, services and support for people with a mental health problem, including veterans and their families.

In addition, we continue to work with NHS(S) in order to progress with establishing a Managed Clinical Network (MCN) for veterans healthcare. We would expect, should the network be approved through the formal NHS(S) process, that its initial priority would be to lead on the development of a Veterans Mental Health Action Plan which would complement our Mental Health Strategy.

2020 SVC evaluation of status:

Partially implemented

2020 update provided by the Scottish Government:

This is an immediate priority for the Scottish Veterans Care Network. Early engagement with stakeholders to inform that work is now underway. However, due to the impact of the pandemic response on capacity within the Network, and also the availability of stakeholders to engage in this work, timescales for publication may be slightly delayed until later in 2021. A mapping of stakeholders and the services provided is in progress. An integral part of this work will be involvement in the development with partners, of clear and integrated pathways for/to care for our veterans, in relation to mental health. One of the SVCN first consultations was with Scottish Government, Combat stress and Veterans First Point (V1P) as the key mental health providers in Scotland.

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