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SVC Recommendation 12: Chronic Pain Management

The National Advisory Committee for Chronic Pain (NACCP) should consider veterans specifically as part of their work to improve chronic pain management in Scotland.

Scottish Government update:

The National Advisory Committee on Chronic Pain (NACCP) is taking forward work to inform policy development and support NHS Boards and Health and Social Care Partnerships (HSCPs) to improve the provision of pain services across Scotland. This includes a project to develop a core dataset and a set of Quality Performance Indicators (QPIs) to measure service outcomes and improvements for people living with chronic pain, including veterans. The Director of Pain Association Scotland (PAS), sits on NACCP and has been in discussion with the MOD Clinical Adviser for Veterans about the need to recognise veterans as a vulnerable group that would benefit from tailored support for chronic pain. The Pain Association has identified a gap in the quality of support services received on leaving the forces, in comparison to those received whilst serving. We are actively engaging with stakeholders to better understand experiences of veterans. PAS are piloting a programme in Scotland after securing funding from the Veterans Association. The programme offers veterans one-to-one self-management sessions via phone or skype to discuss personal needs and outcomes. This alleviates the need for the individual to attend clinics in person, recognising attendance may be difficult due to the nature of their pain. PAS will evaluate the project after 18 months and NACCP, chaired by the Deputy Chief Medical Officer, will consider outcomes and findings of the pilot.

SVC evaluation of status:


Partially implemented / ongoing

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