Employability, Skills and Learning Progress – Recommendation 9

CTP and SDS to build on existing relationship

The Career Transition Partnership (CTP) and Skills Development Scotland (SDS) should build on their existing relationship with the aim of ensuring Service Leavers and veterans have seamless access to SDS once their period of support from CTP comes to an end. This will be particularly important for Early Service Leavers and others in danger of ‘falling between the gaps’.

2019 SVC evaluation of status:

Partially implemented

2019 update provided by the Scottish Government:

The Veterans Employability Strategic Group (VESG) has been very successful in building on this relationship, which can be seen for example in the initial work to establish a pilot in the North East, which is now live with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) sessions delivered to Resettlement Officers/CTP and SDS staff. SDS has also launched a dedicated veterans page on My World of Work, which we had committed to in our response to the recommendations.

2020 SVC evaluation of status:

Partially implemented

2020 update provided by the Scottish Government:

Relationship between SDS/CTP remains consistent at a local level but further collaboration via the VESG is required to achieve the ambition of rolling out SDS services, in particular career guidance, across Scotland.

2021 SVC evaluation of status:

Implemented, but work should continue

2021 update provided by the Scottish Government:

SDS and CTP are both members of the VESG. SDS continues to strengthen its partnerships and is in the process of developing and agreeing formal partnership principles and joint actions with MOD, CTP, the Army in Scotland and Royal Caledonian Education Trust.

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