Employability, Skills and Learning Progress

SVC Recommendation 7: Improving Literacy and Numeracy

The Career Transition Partnership ( CTP), Local Authority community-based support services, colleges, Skills Development Scotland (SDS) and charities should promote the benefits of improved literacy and numeracy skills amongst Service Leavers and veterans, directing them to appropriate community-based support, including the ‘Big Plus’ initiative. The aim should be to generate greater awareness amongst veterans with specific needs, their families and employers in order that learning opportunities can be accessed more readily.

Scottish Government update:

Although not specifically for the Scottish Government, SDS has updated the ‘Big Plus’ website, which is signposted from MyWoW landing page. Promotion and understanding of MyWoW and the Landing page has and is continuing to be done with key CTP/Military and veteran organisations including Champions group and the Cross Party Group.

SVC evaluation of status:

SVC Green

Implemented, but work should continue

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