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SVC Recommendation 6: Work Placement

The Scottish Government should work with employers – both small and large – to find ways of offering more placements to Service Leavers, veterans, spouses and partners. This should be in addition to those offered by Career Transition Partnership.

Scottish Government update:

Some initial guidance was given on work placements through the Capitalising on Military Talent toolkit that the Scottish Government developed and launched with Business in the Community (BITC) in early 2017. There is potential to take forward work to look at work placements through an employer’s network, although this has not yet been established. This will be considered further by the VESG group.  SDS have agreed that “Certificate of Work Readiness” may also be helpful for very early service leavers but less relevant for the older age group. It can be signposted from Apprenticeships.scot.

SVC evaluation of status:

SVC Update

Not yet implemented 

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