Employability, Skills and Learning Progress

SVC Recommendation 5: Research & Evaluation

The Scottish Government should commission research to provide analysis of the current baseline of the employment situation for the veterans community and to evaluate the impact of national and local initiatives to improve job prospects.

Scottish Government update:

Our response to this recommendation committed the Scottish Government to considering what gaps there were in the data and what needed to be done to address these. In 2017, we were given access to data from CTP on future cohorts of veterans that has enabled the VESG to better consider priorities. The activity to date has been aligning existing services and programmes of support. The impact of this work will be monitored which could result in future research work to understand where systems and programmes could be improved.  As a result of having access to CTP’s data, the Scottish Government will now consider forming focus groups to enable a further understanding of access to services. In the 2017 Autumn Update to Parliament, we also committed to setting out a plan for additional qualitative research to identify barriers through the VESG, and using the results of this research, help shape thinking on the feasibility of a pilot approach. The research plan was discussed at the VESG, but no additional qualitative research has been conducted as yet, although potential options which could deliver valuable findings have been identified.

SVC evaluation of status:


Partially implemented / ongoing

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