Employability, Skills and Learning Progress

SVC Recommendation 4: Regional Employability Pilot

The Scottish Government should initiate and co-ordinate a regional employability pilot project, based in an area where there is a high military and veteran population. The purpose should be to deliver an increased number of meaningful and sustainable employment opportunities for Service Leavers, veterans, and spouses and partners.

Scottish Government update:

The pilot has recently gone live with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) sessions delivered to Resettlement Officers/CTP and SDS staff, and a handshake card produced and issued to pilot bases for Resettlement Officers to issue at their briefs. They cover the service offer from SDS at transition and seek referral, for which there is a process in place. The pilot is being promoted via base digital platforms and other forums e.g. Hives. There has been 12 referrals since pilot launch to April 2019. Meetings have taken place with Training Education Skills & Resettlement (the MOD in Whitehall) regarding early service leavers and the development of a Scottish Transition page is underway with CTP, Veterans Scotland and Transition SO2 for those transitioning in Scotland.

SVC evaluation of status:


Partially implemented / ongoing

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