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SVC Recommendation 14: Articulation

The Scottish Funding Council, universities and colleges to specifically consider the veterans community as they embark on the expansion of articulation, as recommended by the Commission on Widening Access.

Scottish Government update:

The Scottish Funding Council (SFC) is in the final stages of completing a National Articulation Database (NAD2), which will enable a deeper analysis of articulation between colleges and universities. SFC is currently working directly with universities on the final stage of Quality Assurance to validate the NAD2 figures to ensure accuracy. This process is on track for completion in early 2019.

Work is also underway to consider how to improve access through the use of data analysis. For example from academic year 2017-18 onwards SFC began collecting data in the college sector about veterans, which is now available and is receiving further analysis. It is anticipated that figures will be low in the early years of collection, until wider awareness-raising and work on Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) is implemented. This will also be carried out through institutional Outcome Agreements.

The SFC has also arranged with the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) for the inclusion of a field in the 2019-20 HESA Student Return to identify veterans in the university sector. Once that data is gathered and returned, SFC will be able to consider veterans’ representation, success rates, and how many are supported by articulation and other routes such as the Scottish Widening Access Programme (SWAP). This will enable interventions to be put in place through the Outcome Agreement process as required.

Articulation work for the SFC is covered by a SFC, Universities Scotland and Colleges Scotland tri-partite post, which supports the work of the National Articulation Forum, as well as being responsible for taking forward the recommendations of the Commission on Widening Access’s final report A Blueprint for Fairness.

The consideration of veterans will be included in the work of the Forum and in upcoming regional articulation discussions with institutions. These discussions will include their work on improving articulation pathways to increase numbers and provide more flexible routes for students.

SVC evaluation of status:

SVC Green

Implemented, but work should continue 

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