Employability, Skills and Learning Progress

SVC Recommendation 1: Veterans Employability, Skills and Learning

The Scottish Government should establish a Veterans Employability Strategic Working Group of key partners to provide strategic leadership and to oversee the activity required to fulfil the ambitions of more, and better, employment opportunities for veterans, as articulated in this report and in Renewing Our Commitments.

The working group should include core participation from the Scottish Government, Skills Development Scotland (SDS), Local Government representation, Ministry of Defence (MOD)/Career Transition Partnership (CTP), the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), and Veterans Scotland.

Scottish Government update:

The Veterans Employability Strategic Group (VESG) was announced in 2017. The group has met eight times to date and brings together many of the key stakeholders for example Skills Development Scotland (SDS), Careers Transition Partnership (CTP), Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), Veterans Scotland and the Scottish Government. The Ministry of Defence (MOD) and employers have also attended some meetings. As a direct result of the Veterans Employability Strategic Group, key partners have committed to enduring partnership working through the establishment of a Scottish Veterans Employability Concordat. The Concordat provides a single, unambiguous statement of the expectations of veterans, early service leavers and their families, encapsulating a broad framework of three principles for which those involved in the employment and training of veterans and their families can set out their commitment to make Scotland the destination of choice for Service leavers. The Concordat was launched by the Minister for Parliamentary Business and Veterans during the veterans annual update to Parliament in September 2018.

SVC evaluation of status:

SVC Green

Implemented, but work should continue 

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