About Charlie Wallace

Colonel Charles (Charlie) Wallace took up the post of Scottish Veterans Commissioner in September 2018 after completing 35 years’ service in the Army. His last appointment in the Army was Deputy Commander of 51st Infantry Brigade and HQ Scotland.

He has followed a traditional career in the Infantry holding various command appointments on operations and at home.  He has seen active service in Iraq and Afghanistan, with the UN in the Former Yugoslavia (Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia) and Northern Ireland during Operation Banner. He also served in Brunei, Hong Kong, Nepal, the Falkland Islands, most of Northern Europe, the USA, Canada and India.

Charlie was the chief planner in HQ Multi-National Division (South East) in Basra, Iraq and held the same role for a year in HQ Regional Command (South West) in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province for which he was awarded the US Bronze Star.

Deeply committed to addressing the challenges that individuals and their families face after military service, Charlie is seeking innovative and novel approaches to highlight the impressive talent this group of people bring to our society.  He aims to help the Scottish Government recognise this talent and showcase it to those who may not understand or be aware.  Whilst highlighting this talent, Charlie also seeks to ensure that those who have made mental and physical sacrifices for their country are appropriately cared for and given the best opportunities to positively contribute to the society they are now a part of.

He has a Master’s degree in Business Administration through the Open University.

Aside from his family, Charlie’s passion is for skiing although he is attracted to any sport that involves a ball and something to hit it with (especially tennis and golf).